|| Terms and Conditions

1.1   All bookings will be charged a £20 per person deposit at the time of booking.
1.2.  The remainder of the final balance is to be paid in full 10 days before the event date. Final numbers cannot
        be changed after the final payment has been made.
1.3.  If the final payment is not received 10 days before the event date then the event may be cancelled                 
        and the deposit forfeited.
1.4.  Events booked within 10 days of the event date require 100% of the event fee at the time of

Refunds /Cancellations
2.1.   If an event is cancelled by Fastrax due to unforeseen circumstances every effort will be made to  
        contact the customer.
2.2.   If an event is cancelled by Fastrax, customers cannot claim any other costs incurred.
2.3   Fastrax may cancel any event where full payment is not received 10 days before the event and the deposit.
       will be lost.
2.4.  No refunds will be made to customers who fail to arrive on the event date or at the correct time.

3.1.  Prices include vat.
3.2.  Price increases will not be added to bookings already made.

4.1.   A compulsory safety briefing will be held at the beginning of each event. All participants must attend the safety briefing. Failure to do so will mean that the participant will not be allowed to take part in the event and all monies paid will be non-refundable.
4.2.   All safety equipment will be supplied for the event.
4.3    Participants must wear sensible footwear. Fastrax is not responsible for any damage to personal      
         articles and clothing.
4.4.   Fastrax Activities are non contact sports. Any driver deliberately causing contact with another vehicle will be withdrawn from the event and monies paid will be non refundable.
4.5.   Drivers are required to operate the vehicles in a safe manner. Fastrax reserves the right to withraw drivers who are deemed to be putting themselves and others at risk by driving dangerously and monies paid will be non refundable.
4.6.  Participants will also be withdrawn from the event if they are deemed to be causing unnecessary damage to the vehicles. Monies paid will be non refundable.
4.7.  Drivers are required to abide by the track rules and regulations as presented in the safety briefing at all times. Failure to do so will result in in a maximum of two warnings and then they may be withdrawn from the event. Monies paid will not be refunded.

Driver Requirements
5.1.   Participants who have a heart condition, bad back are pregnant or have any other condition that may be affected by physical exertion or driving on rough terrain are advised not to take and do so at their own risk.
5.2.    Any participant deemed to  be under the influence of drugs or alcohol before or during a race event. This will result in the driver not taking part and monies will not be refunded.

6.1.    Fastrax will provide parking for participants. Respect must be shown to others in the car park when parking.
6.2.    Vehicles are left at owner’s risk.

7.1.    All times listed are approximate and may vary.
7.2.    The time allocated for your event includes safety briefing, changing in to racewear and racing. If you arrive late it may affect the time on the track.
7.3.    Fastrax will make every effort to repair any vehicle that is broken down. However customers must be aware that some issues may not be resolvable on the day.
7.4.   Rages are very weather dependent. If an event is unable to take place , Quads, if available, may be offered as a substitute or a refund given.