|| Testimonials

|| Matthew Armstrong, London

Adult Testimonial

The rage buggies were an absolute joy to be involved in, the whole group thoroughly enjoyed the experience and had a good race time.

Much better than any kind of go-karting, quad biking.

DEFO recommend this, you won't believe the quality of the day!!  10/10

|| Mark Everitt, Edinburgh

Adult Testimonial

Awesome!  Best package ever.  Loads of time and great equipment.

Friendly instructors were brilliant.

Been on 8 x stags doing similar event and Fastrax wins by miles!!

|| Mat Deaville, Newcastle

Adult Testimonial

Fantastic fun - everyone was discussing it all night.

Should I be back in Glasgow again I would go back here without a second thought.

Very professionally run, good quality quads and great woodland to get stuck in.

|| Matty Stather, Birmingham

Adult Testimonial

Cracking time, great instructors and the course is brilliant.

It's not just full throttle round a track.  It's very technical and great for all abilities.

|| Laurie Sharp, Dunfermline

Adult Testimonial

Thank you so much for an awesome day!

The instructor officially scared 2 police officers and 2 army officers!!  Hope to come back soon.